Placenames of Galway

How to Search

Use this form to search for a place name in County Galway or, alternatively, browse the placename index. Much of the information you will obtain is derived from the Ordnance Survey Field Name Books of the 1840s.

Ignore diacritics, e.g. fadas, when entering your search term or terms.

It is not necessary to enter whole words in the search box or boxes.

You can also view a list of civil parishes in Galway.

In addition, you can view a list of categories of places which were identified in Galway at the time of the original Ordnance Survey which, as already mentioned, took place in the 1840s. This list includes holy wells, castles, forts, churches, burial grounds etc.

It is also possible to view a list of Galway townlands.

Finally, you can view a list of landlords who owned property in Galway at the time of the survey. Again, this list is derived from the Ordnance Survey Field Name Books of the 1840s.

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What You Can Expect to Find

This is a searchable database of placenames in Galway county, a county in the west of Ireland.

This database includes the Ordnance Survey Field Name Books; notebooks which were compiled as part of the first Ordnance Survey of Ireland in the 1840s. The books are aranged alphabetically by Civil Parish, and include

The original books for Galway county are available, on microfilm, at Galway Public Library, but they have been transcribed and can be searched on this site using the above form.

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