Galway October 2nd 1838.

Thos. A. Larcom Esq.

Dear Sir,

Since I wrote last I have been walking through the district lying between Oranmore and Kinvarra, in which I discovered a number of historical localities.

Has the Esker Rieda been marked on the Ordnance map? I mean that part of it running from Clonmacnoise to Dublin and from Clonmacnoise westwards through the County of Roscommon? If so, where does it strike the Suck? I stopped at Ath Cliath Meadhraighe last night, which according to Irish history is the western extremity of the Escir Riada, and found that the natives have a tradition about the Escer which divides Ireland into two equal parts. They say that it makes its appearance at Cnoc Maoildris in the Roman Catholic parish of Castlegar, at Leasanaidhe in the Barony of Athenry, at Suidhe Finn south west of the town of Athenry, and near Mount Pleasant


at Loughrea. If the people be right in making the Esker run in this direction {which I have no great reason to doubt) it will form a very irregular line, as indeed the Leinster part of it has already formed. If it has been marked on the Leinster maps, I think it should be shewn on the Connaught maps also. If you wish to shew it I shall make every enquiry about it from Meadhraighe to Loughrea and thence to the Suck to which, I presume it has been already traced.

Our best plan is to visit as much of the Country as possible while the weather is fine, as there will be (soon) wet days enough (during which) to put our notes into form.

Is there mention made of a St. Caimin in any of our Ecclesiastical documents, as having erected a church in Meadhraighe


or Medrigia in the West of Connaught? Is the virgin Sornach of West Connaught mentioned?

Is there any reference to a Cill Tighearnain in the West of Connaught. It is perhaps the second oldest church in Ireland. Has Mr. Petrie seen it?

What churches do our Ecclesiastical writers place in the Maonmaighe?

We shall move to Cas Loughreagh as soon as possible. We shall never have done, I fear within the time we anticipated.

Your obedient Servant,
John O'Donovan.
Galway October 3/38

Parishes of Kilmoylan, Lackagh, Stradbally, Ballynacourty, Drumacoo, and Kilcolgan.
Situation of Medrigia pointed out, also Rinn tamhuin, Rinn Mhil, and Rhinn Bheara.
Extreme western point of the Esker Riada shewn.
Derivation of Ath cliath Meadhraighe according to the Dinnseanchus.
Kiltiesnan old church minutely described.