[Hand of G. Petrie:]

21 Great Charles Street, Octr. 8th 1838.

My dear John,

I have this moment got your letter of the 6th, and shall read your dissertation on the O'Flaherties' country I am sure with the same interest and pleasure which I have so often received from similar essays of yours.

O'Keefe is preparing the extracts from Colgan for the Queens County and Wicklow. These done, he may join you at once and indeed I am urging him to hasten his departure by every exertion in his power, as I am very anxious he should start as soon as possible. But you know it is not easy to spare time out of his walking gait.

I quite agree in opinion with you that Galway was not anciently a Town of any importance, but I do not think that Sligo was the (locality of the) Nagnatae of Ptolemy. I rather incline to the belief that


this settlement will be found on the shore of Ardbear bay near the present Town of Clifden in Connamara which is likely to eclipse in importance both Galway and Westport. But you will not settle this point till next year.

I know that most of the islands of Lough Orbsen are connected with the Parishes West of the lake generally speaking, yet I regret that you did not see Inis Cuanna, which is only a stones throw from the Eastern shore, but you will have opportunities of seeing it yet.

There is the foundation of a round tower at Ardrahan.

I have not read any account of Roscam from you yet.

In haste ever,
My dear John,
faithfully yours,
George Petrie

J. O'Donovan Esq. &c.