Sunday Oct. 21st 1838

Dear Sir,

Since I wrote last I traversed the baronies of Kilconnell and Clanmacowen but I am sorry to say that in consequence of having slept in damp beds in wee Country places, and of having been constantly wet I have got a return of the old pain in my neck and shoulder, which has broken down my savage energy a good deal. It may continue to annoy me for seven or eight days, during which I cannot possibly venture out. I have however a good deal to write, and I trust that before I have finished (writing) the pain shall have disappeared; if not, God help me.

O'Keeffe arrived here last night, and I hope he will considerably expedite


our progress.

The memoir of the barony of Tirkeerin is a long time without making its appearance. I trust it has not died like every other work undertaken about old Ireland. My friend Mr. Hardiman told me when I was at Galway that we would never do it, "but that it is of very little consequence whether we do or not, as the upspringing vigor of this nation will ere long complete it, even should the Ordnance Surveyors drop it now".

I perfectly agree with him, but it is too bad if the Surveyor shall have credit for forming the model only, after all the anticipations of the public.

Your obedient Servant,
J. O'Donovan.