[Hand of G. Petrie:]

Dublin 21 Great Charles St.,
Novr. 12th 1838.

My dear John,

Your letter on the antiquities of Clonfert with O'Keefe's excellent drawing of the beautiful doorway, gave me great pleasure. I think your guess at the age of this doorway must be very near the truth, but I hope we shall yet get some clue to the exact time of its erection. You do not, however, appear to have looked at the whole of the church with an equally accurate eye, for the choir is certainly of the same age as the doorway and its East window is quite unique in its way. It tempted me to make a careful drawing of it. I hope you saw it on the inside. The inscription at the nunnery excited me much, (I) spent two hours in a fruitless attempt to copy it, but the day was unfavourable, and there was no sun shine.


In such cases, the only way is to get a trace of the letters in soft paper. I was more successful in the imperfect inscription which you have sent. I also drew the finely preserved name to Becgan. Tell O'Keefe it is shame for a fellow who can do so much, not to do more. Mangan is copying for you at Marshe's library, and is working at the latin so that you will soon have him a valuable caterer.

In haste,
ever my dear John,
Faithfully yours,
George Petrie

J. O'Donovan Esq.