Mountrath Novr. 21st 1838.

Dear Sir,

I now return the County name Book with the names of the parishes and Baronies settled. I have not added any explanation of the names because that would be only repeating what we have already written in the letters. We have written ourselves out of paper again! and will have two quires bought in this town soon scribbled on. We also want quills, sealing wax and pencils.

I shall soon be able to send you all the Galway extracts, which have nearly knocked me stupid.

Your obedient Servant,
John O'Donovan

I send you a map of the ancient territories of Galway, the making of which cost me and O'Keeffe more time than it is worth. Its scale is too small to shew some of the minor territories. It will however serve as a mathematical figure to my dissertation on those territories which has also cost me more time than it is worth. I am endeavouring to grasp at as much as possible now lest the Memoir should be knocked on the head when the linear Survey is finished but if by doing too much I knock myself stupid or run mad or get a dance in my eyes I shall spoil all my own affairs. JO'D