Galway May 29th 1839

Dear Sir,

Please to send me the following documents to Oughterard by return of Post 1. O'Flaherty's account of Iar Connaught which was copied for me last season. 2. Pedigree of the Joyces and O'Flahertys from McFirbis. These were also copied last season but I think that they are among the Mayo Extracts. 3. As good a Map of Connamara as you can let me have. 4. The English antiquary's visit to Roderic O'Flaherty, copied last season from Mr. Petrie's Papers.

I want also some quills and square paper, sealing wax, pencils, &c. I intend to make my way through Connamara first, then return to Galway, and visit the Arran Islands from it. I suppose Wakeman will not follow me till he hears of my being ready to visit these islands.

Your obedient &c. Servant,
J. O'Donovan.
No.1. at Mountjoy
3. Do.
& will p to Mr. O'D. this day.

I send the Ms. of Mayo Extracts herewith - & request you will put a mark at the places where 2 & 4 are - if they be in those Volumes & return them to me, that they may also go to Mr. O'D.

I send also the Galway Extracts - unbound - in the event of either 2 or 4 being among them - if so, take them out - & send all back that the papers required may go to G. Petrie.

31 May 39T.A.L.

I return the Mayo extracts with No. 2 marked and I return the Galway Extracts, detaching No. 4, and also some other extracts relating to West Galway, which Mr. O'D. will require.

31 May 1839George Petrie

I would recommend all the Galway extracts to be sent to Mr. O'D, that he may select whatever he may think necessary

G. P.