Taylor's hill near Galway
July 3rd 1839.

Dear Sir,

I have the greater part of West Connaught finished, but I cannot send you my lucubrations till Wakeman returns to finish his sketches. He is at present on Lough Corrib. I here copy a curious deed about the family of Mannin, anciently the chiefs of Sogain in Hy-Many, of whom Paul Mannin of Tuam is the present senior representative. Please to have it bound up with the Hy-Many extracts.


Is é adbhar in scríbhinn so .i. dá foillsiúghadh go tangadar clann Diarmada i Mainnín & mac Aoda, mic Iniail & clann Uilliam, mic Domnaill, mic Inail & slicht giolla Aosa ruaidh do lathair Taidg i Ceallaigh & Concabhair i Ceallaigh a g-cas fearainn do bi ag in slicht sin ó slicht giolla Aosa & atait in slicht sin d'á breith do roghain in fearann do ligin díb & a tabhairt do slicht giolla Aosa; & as e acht ar a bfuilit siat dá tabhairt doibh, a ngeall ar slicht Giolla Aosa do bheith acu a n-aighe gach uile duine da cuithrium otrum a coraig & a n-egoraigh, & cunam béil & láimhe do tabhairt doibh, & gach cunumh aile da mbeith accu dá ma treise leobh ná le Clainn Diarmada, mur tá cunum baile móir, & cunum gach plétala aile d'á mbeith ar Chlaind Diarmada & ar mhac Aodha, mic Inail, & ar clainn Uilliam, mic Domnaill, mic Inial; & d'fiachaibh othra-san cunum re slicht giolla Aosa mur in cédna, da ma treise leobh na le slicht giolla Aosa. & as é fearann atait 'siat do tabhairt doib fá'n cunnradh sin .i. a g-cuid do caill a maolain, & do rugadar sin do roghain gan pletáil do chur ar slicht giolla Aosa acht in fearann do ligin cucum do lisgi clampair do theangmhail aturra féin & clann Giolla Aosa, & gur bhfeárr leobh acu iat ná in fearann, do réir ordaighe Taidg i Ceallaigh & Concabhair i Ceallaigh; & atait in da slicht sin ceangailte dá chéile, & a slicht 'na ndiagh go brach a n-aighe gach uile duine da cuithreamh othrumh & iat fein do beith 'na mbraithreacha gaíl eig n-a cheile do reir mur durumar romainn & ní eile da n-eirídumh imrisin eaturra níl cumas sgaílte ar in cunnradh ach moluim Taidg i


Ceallaigh & Concabhair i Ceallaigh & Flaithghil Mic Aodhagain do dhénum a gcail a n-imrisin do t-slanughadh aturra; & gibe acu do chleisumh ar a ceil tairis sin ata XX.e punt (pant) do phein ag in mbannrioghain air, & XX.e punt ag slicht inghine Mic Diarmada ar in te acu do dhenumh in cleisum, & ata XX.e punt acu péin ar a cheile, gibe acu do dhenumh in cleisum ar a cheile ata in XX.e punt sin do phein ag in slicht eile othrumh (.i. orrtha) & as iad fiadhnaire do bhí do láthair in cunnartha sin do dhenumh .i. Tadg O'Ceallaigh & Conchabhar O'Ceallaigh & Misi Baothghalach Mac Flaithghil do bhí do lathair in chunnartha sin do dhenumh, & do sgribh sin do thoil in da rann, & as e log a sgribhtha in Mullach Mor, & as e la do sgribha he .i. an Aoíne roimh Cingír, & as i aois in tiagharna in tan sa .i. ceathra bliadhna & ceathra XX.it, & u. c, & m.e bliadhain go Nollaig seo chugain, .&.

Misi Aodh O'Mainnín

Misi Tadhg O'Ceallaigh

Misi Concabhar O'Ceallaigh

Misi Domnall Carach, Mac Tomais, Mic Domnaill

Misi Tadg O'Mainnín, Mac Diarmada

Misi Sean O'Mainnín, Mac Diarmada

Misi Tomas O'Mainnín, Mac Aodha, Mac Inail

Misi Donncha O'Mainnín, Mac Magnusa

Misi Tomas O'Mainnín

Misi Domhnaill O'Mainnín, Mac Uilliam

Misi Sean O'Mainnín, Mac Aodha

Misi Ruairi O'Mainnín

Misi Maoilseachlainn O'Mainnín

Misi Dunada O'Mainnín

Misi Domnall O'Mainnín

Misi Donncha O'Mainnín


I. H. S.

The cause of this writing is to shew that the sons of Dermot O'Mannin, and {Thomas} the son of Hugh, son of Irial, the sons of William, son of Donnell, son of Irial, and the descendants of Giolla-Iosa Roe, came before Teige O'Kelly and Conor O'Kelly to settle a dispute about land which the former had from the descendants of Giolla-Iosa. And the former have consented to resign (give up) the land to the descendants of Giolla-Iosa. And this is the condition on which they resign it, that the descendants of Giolla-Iosa shall assist them against every person, who may justly or unjustly attack them, and render them assistance by word and deed and in every other manner in their power, should they be more powerful than the sons of Dermot; that is, assistance at market towns, and assistance in every law- controversy in which the sons of Dermot, the son of Hugh, son of Irial, and the sons of William, son of Donnell, son of Irial, may be engaged. And should they be more powerful than the descendants of Giolla-Iosa, they are bound to succour them in like manner. The land which they now resign to them by this Covenant is their part of Caill a Maolain. They have agreed not to go to law with the descendants of Giolla Iosa, but to resign the land to them peaceably, not wishing that any litigation should happen between themselves and the descendants of Giolla-Iosa, preferring their friendship to the land according to the suggestion of Teige O'Kelly and Conor O'Kelly, and these two slichts (tribes) and their descendants after them, are bound to each other for ever


({to unite}) against every person who shall oppose them, and to consider each other as blood relations, as we have said above. And, moreover, should a contention arise between them, this Covenant cannot be dissolved, but the decision (award) of Teige O'Kelly, Conor O'Kelly and Flahil Mac Egan must be sought to settle their dispute. And whoever of them violates this Covenant is moreover (liable) to a fine of twenty pounds to the Queen, and twenty pounds to the descendants of the daughter of the son of Dermot. And whoever violates this Covenant must also pay a fine of twenty pounds to the party injured. The witnesses present at the making of this Covenant were Teige O'Kelly, Conor O'Kelly, and Myself Baethius, the son of Scahil Mac Egan, who was present at the making of this covenant and who wrote it by consent of the two parties. And the place at which it was written is Mullaghmore, and the day on which it was written was the Friday before Whit Sunday. And the age of the Lord at this time is four years and eighty and five hundred and one thousand years next Christmas.

I am Hugh O'Mannin

I am Teige O'Kelly

I am Conor O'Kelly

I am Donnell Carragh, son of Thomas, son of Donnell

I am Teige O'Mannin, son of Dermot

I am Shane O'Mannin, son of Dermot

I am Thomas O'Mannin, son of Hugh, son of Irial

I am Donogh O'Mannin, son of Manus

I am Thomas O'Mannin

I am Donnell O'Mannin, son of William

I am John (Shane) O'Mannin, son of Hugh

I am Rory O'Mannin

I am Melaghlin O'Mannin

I am Dunady O'Mannin

I am Donnell O'Mannin

I am Donogh O'Mannin.

I am John O'Donovan who translated this document.