Taylor's hill,
July 8th 1839.

Dear Sir,

I have a letter from Mr. Thomas O'Conor stating that he is ill and unable to get on till he recovers his health. This is unfortunate enough for me, as I cannot possibly get through all the counties to be done this season in the minute manner that I have proposed to myself. I think that O'Keeffe should take up O'Conor's place and finish the County of Carlow; if he does not I do not know how I can manage to do all.

Mr. O'Flaherty's boat will arrive in Galway this evening and we go by it to Arran to-morrow. Please to send the other half-notes to Galway, care of James Hardiman Esq. Taylor's hill, for me.

I shall be back in about 6 days, but Mr. Wakeman will remain to sketch all the curious remains on the three islands. I shall take all the historical


references to (the) Arans to have them compared with the present remains on the spot. When this comparison is finished I shall furnish Mr. Wakeman with a list of the monuments to be drawn and measured, and leave him to finish them. I shall then return hither and finish my letters.

I trust O'Conor will take the proper step to recover his health. I am very uneasy about him.

Your obedient Servant,
John O'Donovan