Loughrea October 23d/38.


Cill Tulla is the local Irish pronunciation of Kiltulla Parish, which lies between the parishes of Bullaun in the barony of Loughrea, and Killimer Daly (definition on Name Book) in the baronies of Tiaquin, Kilconnell, and Athenry.

There is an old burying ground, in which stand two portions of the side wall of an old Church, within Kiltulla Demesne, very near Kiltulla house.

The more extensive part of the wall, is in length 33 feet, at one end of which (near one extremity), is visible


a window place. The one side of it, is battered, and the other side (being) partly battered, exhibits a construction of Cut stones. The top is opened, the wall over it, having been broken down.

Detached from this portion, stand, at the distance of 18 feet, a small part 7 feet in length. Seven feet of the wall, between this part, and where the vestiges of the gable, to which, it had been attached, was (were) reduced to a level with the ground.

The whole length, 33ft. + 18ft. + 7ft. + 7ft. = 65 feet, may be con-


sidered as the original extent of the Church, which was, as appears from (can be defined by the remaining side wall &) the traces of the foundation of the side wall, that fell to ruin, about 21½ feet in breadth.

The parts of the walls remaining are 2 feet 3 inches in thickness, and exhibit a Construction of considerably large and rough stones cemented with lime and sand mortar. The whole, it appears, belonged to a Church, erected at a period not at all far back in time.


In the tract on Hymany, preserved in the Book of Leacan fol: 92. a., the Comharba of Kiltulla, ranks among the seven principle [sic] Comharbs of the territory of Omania. The words of the passage are. -

Seacht priomh comarbadha Omáine .i. Comharba Cluanfearta & Comharba Chilli Mán & Comharba Chilli Tulach, Comharba Chilli Camadan & Comharba Chamcha Brighdi mar a mbaistear popal Ó Maine & Comharba Chluana Tuaiscirt na Sionda, darab dúal righeadh Sil Ceallaigh & Comharba Cluana Caín Cairrill.

The seven principle [sic] Coarbs of Hymany were: the Coarb of Clonfert, and the Coarb of Kilmeen, and the Coarb of Kiltullagh. The Coarb of Kilcomedon, and the Coarb of Camaghbride, where the people of Hymany are (were) baptized, and the Coarb of Cloontooskert of the Shannon, to whom the inaugurating of the O'Kellys as Kings, was hereditary, and the Coarb of Cloonkeenkerrill.

Your obedient Servant,
T. O'Conor