Information about Coolcam

Information from O'Donovan's Field Name Books

Standard Name:
Irish Form of Name:
Cúl Cam
crooked back
Civil Parish:
Other Forms of the Name with authority source (if provided) in italics:
Cúl Cam
Course Park
Coolcaum Counsellor Reid
Course Park Counsellor Reid
Course Park John Burke, Esq.
Coolcaum John Burke, Esq.
Course Park Mr. Mulloy
Coolcaum Mr. Mulloy
Coolcaum Rev. H. B. Hulett
Course Park Rev. H. B. Hulett
Course Park The inhabitants
A small collection of houses and a portion of the townland (so called) most probably it derived this name from its rocky soil.
In the N. East end of the townland of Booliagoo South, about ½ a mile S. West of Whitegate Village.

Townland Information

What is a townland?:
A townland is one of the smallest land divisions in Ireland. They range in size from a few acres to thousands of acres. Many are Gaelic in origin, but some came into existence after the Norman invasion of 1169
Coolcam is in Boolnagoo South townland.