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Information from O'Donovan's Field Name Books

Standard Name:
Galway Town
Irish Form of Name:
Civil Parish:
Other Forms of the Name with authority source (if provided) in italics:
Galway Town
Galway Beauforts Map of Irel.
Galway County Map
Galway County Registry
villa Galivia Inq. Temp. Eliz
villa Galwie or Galvie Inq. Temp. Eliz
Galwaye Inq. Temp. Eliz
villa Galway Inq. Temp. Hen. VIII
Galway Town Sketch Map
Gaillimh was the name of a woman who was drowned in the river
This Town in its greatest extent from East to West is 1 British Mile nearly and from North to South ½ a mile British. A list of the principle streets, lanes , etc. will be seen in the following pages.
S.W. of the parish.
Additional Information:
Additional Information:

N.B. for the names of streets and L (lanes) in Galway see pages 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98 & 99

  1. Abbeygate Street Upper
  2. Abbeygate Street Lower
  3. Bri1. dge Street
  4. Back Street
  5. Bowling Green
  6. Boherbeg – bóthar beag, little road
  7. Bohermore – bóthar mór, large road
  8. Ball Alley Lane
  9. Buttermilk lane
  10. Cross Street
  11. Cladagh – Cladach?, a stony shore
  12. College road
  13. Earl Lane
  14. Church Lane
  15. Church Yard
  16. Costoelloe’s Lane
  17. Dominick St. Upper
  18. do Lower
  19. Eyre Square
  20. Flood Street
  21. Fallon’s Lane
  22. French’s do
  23. High Street
  24. High Street Upper
  25. do Lower
  26. Kirwins Lane
  27. Kelly’s Lane
  28. Lombard Street
  29. Middle Street
  30. Main Guard St.
  31. Market St.
  32. Merchants Road
  33. Madeira Island
  34. Mary’s Street
  35. Mendicity Lane
  36. Nun’s Island
  37. Nun’s Street
  38. Newcastle St.
  39. New Road West
  40. Court House Lane
  41. Presentation Street
  42. Presentation Road
  43. Parkavera – Páirc a Mhéara, the mayor’s park or field
  44. Quay Street
  45. Quay and Docks
  46. Rose Mary Lane
  47. Sickeen St. – Chicken’s Street
  48. Spanish Parade
  49. Shell Lane
  50. William St. E.
  51. William St. West
  52. White Hall
  53. White Strand
  54. Wood Quay
  55. Wood St.
  56. Shop Street
A List of Public Buildings and Establishments in the Town of Galway
Collegiate Church of St. NicholasLombard St
Presbyterian Chapel?
Mr. French’s BreweryMadeira Island1816
Mr. Fitzgerald’s BreweryNun’s Island1817
Mr. Burke’s Brewery?Newtown Smith1826
Custom HouseFlood St.1807
Excise OfficePresentation St.
Stamp OfficeLombard St.
Bank of IrelandEyre Square
Provincial BankEyre Square
National BankBack St.
Agricultural BankBack St.
Castle BarracksBack St.1734
Shamble BarracksBack St.1749
Constabulary BarracksDominick St.1828
Constabulary BarracksRose Mary Lane1828
Revenue BarracksCladagh1825
Coast Guard StationFair Hill
County Court HouseNewtown Smith1815
Town Court HouseNewtown Smith
Town GaolNun’s Island1808
County GaolNun’s Island1810
Erasmus Smith’s CollegeBoherbeg1813
Erasmus Smith’s Male SchoolNewtown Smith
Erasmus Smith’s Female SchoolNewtown Smith
County InfirmaryBohermore1802
Town InfirmaryAbbeygate St.
Fever HospitalNun’s Island
Lying in HospitalPresentation St.
Widow’s AsylumBoherbeg
Post OfficeDominick St.
Club HouseDominick St.
Paper ManufactoryPresentation St.
Kilroy’s HotelEyre Square
Nolans HotelEyre Square
Messrs. JoyceEyre Square1800
DistillariesNun’s Island1813
Mr. Lynch’sQuay1826
Mr. Perse’sNewcastle1823
Lion’s TowerTown Wall1646
Lynch’s CastleShop Street
West BridgeLeading to Dominick St.1342
New BridgeLeading to Gaol1819
Parish ChapelMiddle Street
Abbey ChapelWood Quay St.
Dominican FriaryCladdagh
Dominican ChapelCladdagh
Franciscan FriaryWood Quay St.
Augustinian FriaryMiddle St.
Augustinian ChapelMiddle St.
Dominican NunneryCross Street
Dominican ChapelCross Street
Franciscan ChapelNun’s Island
Franciscan NunneryNun’s Island
Augustinian NunneryMarket St.
Augustinian ChapelMarket St.
Presentation ConventPresentation St.
Presentation ChapelPresentation St.
Magdalen AsylumLombard St.
Magdalen ChapelLombard St.
National SchoolMarket St.
National SchoolCladdagh
National SchoolPresentation Nuns
Roman Catholic College HouseMarket St.
New Augustinian Friary in progress of buildingBack Street
Information from the Ordnance Survey Letters:
The Ordnance Survey Letters are letters between John O'Donovan and his supervisor, Thomas Larcom, regarding the work of compiling the Field Books. These letters provide further discussion on many of the places listed in the Field Books.
References to this place can be found in the following letter.
  • Volume 1 page 370 to page 377

Townland Information

What is a townland?:
A townland is one of the smallest land divisions in Ireland. They range in size from a few acres to thousands of acres. Many are Gaelic in origin, but some came into existence after the Norman invasion of 1169
Galway Town is in Town Parks townland.

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Galway Town
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