Information about Claregalway

Information from O'Donovan's Field Name Books

Standard Name:
Irish Form of Name:
town of the plain
Civil Parish:
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Parish of Claregalway B. S. Sketch Map
Clare Beauforts Map of Ireland
Clare Carlisle Topl. Dictionary
Clare County Book
Clare Down Survey 1655
Clare Printed Townland List
The parish in all contains about 13,140 acres of which about 8,350 acres is situated in this Barony. It is a limestone district and taken as a whole is a poor shallow soil. Comparatively thinly populated. Poorly cultivated, the greater portion under pasture which in many places is thickly [Unable to read.] with [Unable to read.] of barren rock. The inhabitants are subject to [Unable to read.] for want of water in seasons of drought. There are a few respectable farmers but the greater part are all miserably poor.
In the County of Galway and in the Barony of Clare and Dunkellin. On the leading road between Galway and Tuam. About 31/2 miles N. E. of the former and about 9 S. by W. of the latter. This part of the parish (Clare Barony) in the northernmost.

Information From Griffith's Valution

Area in Acres, Roods and Perches:
585 0 38
Land value at the time in pounds, shillings and pence:
242 2 4
Building value at the time in pounds, shillings and pence:
32 4 0
Total value at the time in pounds, shillings and pence:
258 1 0
Heads of housholds living in the townland at this time: