Information about Rintawin

Information from O'Donovan's Field Name Books

Standard Name:
Irish Form of Name:
Rín Tamhain
Civil Parish:
Other Forms of the Name with authority source (if provided) in italics:
Rín Tamhain
Townagh Parish Local name
The true Irish name of this is Rin Tamhuin and should be engraved Rintawin
Rinn Tamhuin in Medrigin called after Tawun of the Clan Kuamor?.O’Flaherty’s Ogygia.
W. of the parish and Townagh townland.
Information from the Ordnance Survey Letters:
The Ordnance Survey Letters are letters between John O'Donovan and his supervisor, Thomas Larcom, regarding the work of compiling the Field Books. These letters provide further discussion on many of the places listed in the Field Books.
References to this place can be found in the following letter.
  • Volume 1 page 296