Information about Parish of Athenry

Information from O'Donovan's Field Name Books

Standard Name:
Parish of Athenry
Irish Form of Name:
Baile Átha an Righ
town of the ford of the king
Civil Parish:
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Parish of Athenry
Parish of Athenry B. S. Sketch Map
Athenry Beaufort’s Map of Ireland
Athenry Carlisle’s Topl. Dictionary
Athenry County Book
Athenry[crossed out] County Map [crossed out]
Athenry Down Survey 1655
Athenry Inq. Temp. Eliz.
Athenry Printed Townland List
Athenry Vestry Book 1826
The Town of Athenry is nearly central in the Parish, rather most to the South and East side of the parish. The town is in the Bar. of Athenry. The Barony of Clare comprises about ¼ of the Parish and is for the most part a productive soil.
It is situated about 7 miles East of Galway to its extreme West and extends nearly 9 miles in this direction, bounded on the N. by Lackagh, on the E. and S. by the Bary. of Athenry, W. by the parish of Clare Galway and Bary. of Dunkellin.