Information about Tully

Information from O'Donovan's Field Name Books

Standard Name:
Irish Form of Name:
a hill
Civil Parish:
Ballynakill in the barony of Ballynahinch
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Other Forms of the Name with authority source (if provided) in italics:
Tully Inhabitants
Tully, a poor village near the sea shore, in which are ten houses each 2 story high including a Police Barrack. It was built by the occupants about the year 1827 each having a lease renewable for ever from the proprietor Henry Blake, Esq. There is no business carried on in it, save quarterly fairs. It is much more declining than advancing to perfection in consequence of the absenteeism of its landlord, who thereby renders no encouragement.
Situated near the centre of the townland of Tullymore on the road from Renvile Point to Westport.

Information From Joyce's Place Names

Translation according to P. W. Joyce:
Tul, a hill; the root-word of a number of derivatives, such as Tulach, Tullagh, Tully, Tullig, Tolly, Tulla, Tullaghan, &c, all meaning hill or hillock. Tul is often made Tula.

Townland Information

What is a townland?:
A townland is one of the smallest land divisions in Ireland. They range in size from a few acres to thousands of acres. Many are Gaelic in origin, but some came into existence after the Norman invasion of 1169
Tully is in Tullymore townland.

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