Information about Gubtonanadin [crossed out]

Information from O'Donovan's Field Name Books

Standard Name:
Gubtonanadin [crossed out]
Irish Form of Name:
Tóin an Fheadáin
bottom of the brook
Civil Parish:
Ballynakill in the barony of Ballynahinch
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Other Forms of the Name with authority source (if provided) in italics:
Gubtonanadin [crossed out]
Gub thoan a nadia Inhabitants
Is an inlet of the sea about three chains long and about three broad at its entrance gradually narrowing to a point [crossed out].
In the S.E. corner of Culfin and on the shore [crossed out].

Townland Information

What is a townland?:
A townland is one of the smallest land divisions in Ireland. They range in size from a few acres to thousands of acres. Many are Gaelic in origin, but some came into existence after the Norman invasion of 1169
Gubtonanadin [crossed out] is in Culfin townland.

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Gubtonanadin [crossed out]
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