Information about Annaghdown

Information from O'Donovan's Field Name Books

Standard Name:
Irish Form of Name:
Eanach Dúin
marsh of the fort
Civil Parish:
Other Forms of the Name with authority source (if provided) in italics:
Eanach Dúin
Annachduan [Unable to read.]
Annachduan [Unable to read.]
Annaghdoron [Unable to read.] Townland Lists
Annaghdown Beaufort Map of Ireland
Annadhdoon or Anaghdune Carlisles Top. Dictionary
Annadh Toun County Book
Annaghdowne Devon Survey 1655
Anadown Parish High Constable 1838
Annac Cran or headland port Local
Annadown Local Pronunciation
Annaghdown Parish Rector of Annaghdown
It contains 19,500 acres - exclusion of the islands in Lough Corrib -1/8 of which is deep bog, 1/4 rocky pasture. The remainder badly tilled - it is a lime stone district. There are a few respectable farmers, but the great majority are miserably poor. Cregg Castle with its demesne the seat of F. Blake Esq. is situated near its Southern extremity.A great part of this parish is subject to a [unable to read] winter floods.
In the County of Galway and Barony of Clare. Lying beween 5 and 15 miles N. of Galway. Bounded on the N. by the Parish of Clare Tuam E. and N. E. by Cummer and Kilmoyland. S. and S. E. by Lackagh, N. by Lough Corrib and N. W. by Kilcoony Parish. The Galway and Tuam Road [unable to read] for a short distance through its eastern extremity.
Information from the Ordnance Survey Letters:
The Ordnance Survey Letters are letters between John O'Donovan and his supervisor, Thomas Larcom, regarding the work of compiling the Field Books. These letters provide further discussion on many of the places listed in the Field Books.
References to this place can be found in the following letters.
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